The I-MOVE program at Syracuse University includes credit-bearing courses offered through the School of Education’s Department of Exercise Science.

I-MOVE Purpose: To provide a variety of health-related, physical activity/skill acquisition opportunities for the Syracuse University student, campus, and neighboring community. Exercise Science I-MOVE programs endorse education as their central mission along with promoting safe and lifelong participation in health-enhancing physical activity.

I-MOVE: Why the “I”? The “I” in I-MOVE can reflect the INDIVIDUAL Movement experience for health enhancement, enjoyment, and personal expression; the “I” can also portray how an individual can IMPACT and motivate others to move in health-enhancing ways by becoming a physical activity leader, coach, or dancer; and last, through the integration of INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES we can motivate, monitor, and measure health enhancing exercise and movement at the individual or community levels.

I-MOVE Overview: There are I-MOVE courses for everyone! In any given semester, over 100 classes are offered which involves more than 3500 students. Offerings include courses in dance techniques, coaching, lifetime fitness, aquatics, outdoor adventure, first aid/CPR and sports. Some of our most popular classes continue to be Social ballroom dance, Latin/salsa dance, Zumba, Scuba, and Yoga. For a complete listing of course offerings, please check the schedule of courses on My Slice.

In the past several years, course selections have grown to include many new and exciting options for Syracuse University students, such as Outward Bound types of activities in Costa Rica and backpacking trips to the Adirondacks. African Dance, Pilates, Boot camp fitness, Core training, are part of the I-MOVE program as well. Look to the future for more diverse offerings for the entire campus population.

For more information, please contact:
I-MOVE Program Coordinator, Dr. Kristen Konkol
Administrative Support Assistant, Donna Fecteau (315-443-9696)

820 Comstock Ave/201 Women’s Bldg
Syracuse, NY.  13244-5040

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